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Bee-ing Beautiful

Living life to the fullest with joy and humor

About Me

My Journey to Find a Hobby~

This blog is an attempt to find a “hobby” as my husband always encourages me to do. I tried to explain to him that women don’t really have hobbies unless they are into crafts, DIY or blogging. Those that know me will agree that I can’t do crafts (at least not crafts that turn out well) or DIY (more on this later).

Fun facts:

  • I play the harp
  • My mom wanted to name me Breezy or Symphony (thanks Dad for saving me)
  • I LOOOOOOOOVE Coke and refuse to drink Diet Coke or Pepsi
  • Yoga pants are my favorite
  • People thought I was crazy when I got a puppy when I was 7 months pregnant
    •         Update: The 10 mo old baby loves the dog….the dog still isn’t sure about the baby.

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